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The places where a high-end bar and a club were originally supposed to be were either locked up or cast in shadows.[Related: Terrell Owens, others say Drew Rosenhaus' negligence contributed to lost millions]" data-reactid="13"[Related: Terrell Owens, others say Drew Rosenhaus' negligence contributed to lost millions]Part of the bingo hall was partitioned with an odd black wall featuring flecks of light shimmering through.

On closer inspection, the "wall" was actually a bunch of spray-painted plywood sheets patched together.

[quote comment="10938"]Clinton and I went to college together and he has always been funny like that. That "choo-Choo" character doesnt surprise me at all! [quote comment="10819"]Clinton is known for his characters. He's not on the DL and he is nothing like Dennis Rodman. Rumor needs to lose weight in her face..her whole head I think that's funny about Clinton portis...obviously he's a semi-comedian,lol it's good for people to have a sense of humor..is not supposed to be serious all the time. ******* demi's daugther is going to be too hot to handle.

He's not on the DL and he is nothing like Dennis Rodman. He did it last year during interviews to keep them interesting, but I only expect real Redskin fans (like myself) to know that.[/quote] Yes, indeed. HE'S MY FAVORTIE FOOTBALL PLAYER AND HE ALWAYS DRESSED LIKE THAT. Am I the only one that realizes that Zoe has the worst weave that side of celebrity-ville? Day in/day out he grinds it out for the redskins...making it fun to get them focused is a good thing. So, with that being said..is ok...people need to stop co-signing. rodman already has the take on the drag thing y must clinton follow suit?

A: The thing that drives me is wanting to be better than my peers. Or lose, I don’t want to lose, And so that’s the thing when I’m working out, trying to become the best player I can be so I’m never in a position where I’m gonna lose, or be second or finish third, or not win a championship. A: They’re good comparisons, but I always say I think I’m unique just in the way I do things. Ability to defend multiple positions, and really just create plays, make plays, whether it’s getting a loose ball, or getting my teammate with an assist, just different ways to impact the game. A: Probably ’cause at a young age that’s all I could do. when you’re 6, 7 years old, and playing against your 12-year-old brother, you’re most likely not gonna be able to score on him. I was very impressed with just everything he’s done and accomplished, and just the direction and the way he’s handling everything in New York. Sabathia — lefty, I’m left handed, so I can relate to him; Dr. it’s always fun to have a big game where you win, especially in a big stage. A: For a guy to accomplish everything he’s accomplished, and be as successful as he is and coach the players he’s coached, and win all the games and travel the world and just be the type of leader and ambassador he is, but just the way he shows up and prepares every day like it’s his first day at Army. He just really teaches you how to be a man on and off the court, how to handle yourself and be a professional. A: (Laugh) I’m sort of a nerd, and my mom will make fun of me because sometimes rather than watching Sports Center or cartoons or something, I’ll watch the History Channel.

Q: The funniest trash talk you’ve heard on the court? A: People tend to think it’s funny to make fun of my hair, but I think that it’s quite attractive and a good asset to have (smile). A: The good thing about Duke is our fans, our Crazies, they do their homework, and so a lot of times they have the spread sheet with the trash-talking scouting report on guys, and I may happen to get it before a game.

– Premium parking was easy to find on a hot, muggy day in late May at Center Stage bingo casino.

Raided by Alabama state authorities in July and stripped of its "illegal" bingo computer monitors, the casino is now down to hosting paper bingo – the final shred of economic life in a business that's part of a bankruptcy filing including million in losses, including as much as .6 million from NFL players.

Even with the bingo hall's adjoining amphitheater, bed-and-breakfast and RV parking lot on the property, the question that plays on a loop is simple: Where did all the money go?

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