Revalidating legal dating laws

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Reading a professional publication, talking about professional issues with a colleague or engaging on social media are all valid CPD activities - as well as attending a formal training course or a conference.

Once you’ve completed a minimum of 20 hours of CPD, submit this with a 250 word (maximum) reflective statement focusing on how you have developed your knowledge over the year.

See the Provider Enrollment Timeline link on the right for more information.

The due dates have been extended for provider revalidation.

This webpage explains which travelers must reapply and be reissued visas when their existing visas have expired, even if they are in possession of valid admission stamp or paper Form I-94, in order to gain admission to reenter the United States.

Members should think broadly when considering what activities to include in their revalidation.We will continue to focus on the other key elements of our action plan to engage with employers to strengthen the status of the profession and members We’ve gathered the most common questions about revalidation below:“Will I lose my post-nominals if I can’t revalidate?”No, members will not lose their post-nominals or member status if they remain in membership and do not revalidate: however you will not have your entry on the Register of Practitioners updated if you do not revalidate.“I can’t do 20 hours of CPD a year”You already do it.450 hours across three years equates to 150 per year and only 12.5 hours per month.If you do not revalidate when requested to do so by the NMC you may find that your registration will lapse.


Refer to the Automatic Revalidation Fact Sheet on the CBP website.