Compare relative dating and chronometric dating

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(General Physics) physics a quantity measuring duration, usually with reference to a periodic process such as the rotation of the earth or the vibration of electromagnetic radiation emitted from certain atoms.

Thus, an event or other matter that occurred before a person’s toenails developed occurred before he was born.

A survey of the palaeoanthropological literature reveals the controversies raging between various discoverers of australopithecine and habiline bones and their followers.

It can also be readily demonstrated that preconceptions have already decided the interpretation of these bones as belonging to human ancestors, even when the contrary evidence is obvious.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: archaeological context CATEGORY: term; technique DEFINITION: The time and space setting of an artifact, feature, or culture.

The context of a find is its position on a site, its relationship through association with other artifacts, and its chronological position as revealed through stratigraphy.

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Notice that this puts the period of Jeru Salem's desolation at fifty years. For he quoted God as saying (at Jeremiah , 12): 'There'll be extinction throughout the whole land, And you'll serve these nations for seventy years, As well as Babylon's king.

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