Art dating service

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Art dating service

Whether you are looking for a Picasso or a Frida, deviant HEART will have you covered.Some people say that love is an art form and with a little help from deviant HEART you can find out.

This will ensure that you will find an artist with similar needs and traits.

Artist Forums allow members to post on topics of interest.

Creative people are 'right brain' people, while those who are more analytical tend to be 'left brain' it is thought.

The popular artist site deviant ART has launched a new dating site for artists called deviant HEART.

Artists put their entire heart and soul into their artwork, and now they have a chance to share some of that passion on a different canvas.

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Heres the ideal place to search for that special someone who will not only understand you, but will also fuel your imagination with their own creative spark."Artist Passions Artist Passions is a free dating site for artistic singles.

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